Sunday, July 20, 2014

Leafit - Click and Earn - Introduction to Leaf it and the it App

Introduction to Leaf it & the "it App"

What is Leaf it?

Leafit is a new platform that is looking to change the game.  Finally we have a new social network where you can take pictures and post them and get paid for doing so.  All in a brand new "it app" that is about to be launched in the Apple Store.  The it app allows you to make money as you post and view pictures in all of your social networks including Facebook and Twitter.  It's a brand new radical way of using social networking to earn and share.

Snap it, Tag it, Share it...  and Make Money!  It's really going to be that easy.

Watch the Leafit - Click and Earn Introduction Video 

The best thing about this new exciting endevaour is, It's free!  So head over and sign up now to get on the waiting list!  As soon as the it app is available in the Apple Store, we will notify to you download it!

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